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One Room Challenge Spring 2020 - Week 1 - Custom Home Office

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

First time on my blog? My name is Samia Verbist, I am a French Interior Designer based in Huntington Beach, California. I obtained my Bachelor Degree in Interior Architecture in Paris, France. I created my company in California when I moved from France 5 years ago. I completed severals projects (kitchen renovations, spa, medical offices, complete furnishing houses) in the Silicon Valley, in Orange County and also in France (Paris and Tours).

One room challenge logo above portrait of Orange County interior designer Samia Verbist

I am really proud to participate for the second time to the One Room Challenge (ORC) as a guest participant! The ORC is not a competition, but rather a celebration of creativity, inspiration, and original ideas. Every Wednesday, I will document my process while sharing my sources and professional advice. I will show you all the process of a make over in eight week period for one room!

For the ORC 2020, I will create a custom home office in 8 weeks. My clients hired me to do their home office in Palo Alto, California. They both work occasionally from home and they need an organized and beautiful space. My clients also want to be able to transform occasionally the home office into a guest bedroom. That is my challenge for this spring ORC!

Here are some pictures of the existing room:

My clients would like to have two work stations, more space for all their files and books and a Murphy bed.

I like to ask my clients 3 adjectives to describe their vision of the space. Here is their answer: "bright, elegant and functional".

So, let's be creative and design a bright, elegant and functional home office!

See you next week for the next step of this amazing challenge!

Your Dedicated French Interior Designer





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