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One Room Challenge Spring 2020 - Week 3 - Custom Home Office

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

One room challenge week 3 interior designed home office in Palo Alto

First time on my blog? Welcome and thanks for coming by! The One Room Challenge is an amazing challenge if you are looking for inspiration or if you want to know more about how to transform a room in an eight-week period. It is fun, creative, and inspirational!

This spring, as an interior designer, I will show you my process to turn an ordinary home office into a bright, elegant and functional custom home office.

Already week 3 and we did a lot during the past seven days! First, I have to introduce you the company I chose to work with for all the custom cabinets, Murphy bed, desks and bookshelves: LANGIN DESIGN. This company was created in 1998 and is owned by François Langin, a talented craftsman! He owns a degree in furniture design from the University Compagnonique in Lyon, France. He has worked during two years for the King of Morocco, Hassan II and then spent several years in the Philippines learning exotic woods before finally settle in the US. He obtained two awards: 2009 Award winner "Design in Wood" International Competition and 2012 Award winner CWD Design Portfolio.

So, last week, I did a quick layout and some renderings to see what we could do in this room. I went to François' office and discuss with him about my vision for the space. With our two expertise and ideas, we were able to design the future home office of my clients.

Here is the final floor plan:

Interior design floor plan of home office in Palo Alto

As you can see, we decided to stay on my first layout and now we are sure we can open the Murphy bed without hitting other elements. Let's have a look to the elevations:

Interior design blueprint marking elevations for furniture installation

Interior design plans for home office Murphy bed

Every inch in this room is used! We have enough space for the two desks, some bookshelves, and a Murphy bed. This home office will be really functional with the file drawers, pencil drawers, shelves and cabinets.

Now, let see the final renderings:

3D render of Palo Alto custom office

Books and chairs in home office remodel in Palo Alto

As you can see, the desk will be above the framing of the window. This window is lower than the standard height of a desk. That is a challenging part to build. The back of the desk will be cut to be adjusted to the frame of the window. At the same time, the back of the desk needs to look beautiful from the outside and we will still need to be able to open this window.

Large white cabinet for home office Murphy bed

Murphy bed in Palo Alto home office

When the bed is open, we only have 3 inches between the desk and the bed. As I said, every inch is important! That is the beauty of custom. With the expertise of professionals, we are able to use every square feet of a space!

It is bright, elegant and functional!

Last minute change, my clients asked if we could add custom shelvings between the wall and the Murphy bed. So I sketched it on the rendering and confirmed fe