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One Room Challenge Spring 2020 - Week 4 - Custom Home Office -

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

One room challenge logo with paint dab as background

Wouah! It is already the end of week 4!

I can't believe it! I love the One Room Challenge! It is such an amazing way to show you the process of a make over of a room in a short time. So, thanks to all the ORC team who organize this event twice a year and the official sponsor Better Homes & Gardens. It is my second participation as a guest participant and I really enjoy this moment of the year. I hope you enjoy it too, can't wait to be at week 8 for the big reveal!

If you miss the first 3 weeks of my challenge, you can start here with week 1, week 2, and week 3. This week was a little low-key regarding the project. Last week, we decided the layout of the room and now François Langin has started the construction of the custom cabinets, bookshelves, desks and Murphy bed.

So, here is a reminder of how the room looked like 3 weeks ago:

Now, the home office is empty and the contractor started the painting job. I selected 3 different light beige tones from Benjamin Moore. I like to order peel & stick paint samples from They send you large stickers (12x12) of real paint. It is easy to apply and remove. Like that, no painting, no clean up! Fantastic, isn't it?!

I finally chose Seapearl 961, a light greyish beige. The peach color was outdated. This room really needed a fresh coat. And here is the result (color can change everything!):

Empty home office interior design

This room was dark before it was missing on natural light. Now it is brighter! We removed the white trim which was all around the room above the door level. Now, the room looks bigger and the ceiling higher!

Home office remodel with two windows and wooden floors

Nothing to do with the floor...This hardwood floor is gorgeous!

Empty home office remodel with closet door

Two USB wall outlets in Palo Alto office renovation

This week, we also worked on the electricity. We needed to add some wall outlets especially close to the Murphy bed like that we will be able to install a table lamp close to the bed. I had chosen a wall outlet with USB port. It is more convenient when you want to charge a device like a cell phone.

We also needed to move the ceiling switch. As I said last week, every inch is important in this project. The Murphy bed will be close to the entry door. So, if we want to be able to open it without hitting the desk, the switch needs to be placed at max 5 inches 5/8 for the frame of the door. Just enough space!

Now, the room is freshly painted, electricity is updated. We are ready for the next step!

Next week, we will be able to have a look on the building of the desks, cabinets, bookshelves and the Murphy bed.

See you next week!

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